How to Unlock iPhone

Thinking of unlocking your iPhone to gain that carrier freedom? This process is really simple. Unlike other smartphones, unlocking iPhones doesn’t require you to input any code. There are two ways to unlock your iPhone, you can either use a gevey sim(if supported) or you can have it factory unlocked. Purchasing a gevey sim is the cheaper method but at times can be unreliable as it’s not a permanent unlock and it doesn’t support all phones or iOS. Getting a factory unlock is the best and safest way to unlock your iPhone as it goes directly though Apple and it is permanent. The process is pretty simple, but it does cost a few bucks depending on the carrier your phone is locked to. You simply purchase the unlock from a trustworthy source like here at Chenmobile and you will receive a confirmation email that your phone has been unlocked. After you receive your confirmation email, you will be required to plug your phone into iTunes to activate the phone. After a few seconds you will see a confirmation screen telling you that your phone has been unlocked. Yes it’s that easy.


To unlock via a Givey sim is a bit more manual but it does work. You can purchase a gevey sim from here and input it under your sim, follow instruction and you will be all set.

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