Jamaica Internet Providers: Digicel – Lime – Flow

Jamaica has come a long way in terms of internet providers. I remember back in the days I only had access to Cable and Wireless(Now Lime) postpaid internet which was downloading below 5kps. Back then whenever I was downloading a file and it reached that 5kps for a brief second I was so happy. Imagine downloading a 1GB file or more. One would have to wait even weeks before a file is finish downloading. There was land line connection but that was mostly for business areas and not everyone had a phone line and it did cost a good amount of cash to have everything set up plus the monthly bill. Today they have upgraded there technology to provide a much faster internet to compete with competitors.

Over the years other carriers came along with better accessible internet. One of these carriers who took the market by storm was Claro Jamaica which introduced 3G internet. You were provided with a 3G compatible modem and you could subscribe to postpaid or prepaid plans. I personally got one of these devices. In the beginning it was the fastest internet I ever used, much better than my lime internet. I later found a dramatic decline in speed because of the 3GB data limit for the month at 3G speed.

claro modem

Claro had a good run but was later acquired by Digicel Jamaica. Digicel quickly implemented there technology and now boast a super fast 4G internet connection. Today Digicel internet is mostly preferred because of it’s portability and it’s speed. For just $100 digicel credit you can have 500mb or internet for the whole day at 4G speed. For someone that watches a lot of videos or any intense browsing, they will realize this is really not enough but for the average user it’s just fine.

flow digicel

Digicel dominates the mobile internet market and a quiet a number of persons uses there 4G broadband internet but when it comes to high speed internet another company takes the title. Flow has come to the market and provided residents with 12 and 20Mbs internet speed. This is unmatched by any other provider in Jamaica. Flow’s broadband technology is just amazing, browsing the internet is a breeze. Blowing away all it’s competitors mobile technology such as 3G and 4G networks.

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  • Joel Bourne

    Chenille Digicel 4g is just the NAME of the low quality service. Digicel hasn’t started to provide TRUE 4th Generation internet speeds. And thats a FACT……..

  • Joel Bourne

    However Flow is the fastest providing real Fibre Optics internet connection to the home.I do agree with that…………………………