Leaked Blackberry 10 10.2.1055 OS

The blackberry Z10 isn’t really a phone many people are talking about these days. It’s late on the market and some customers just lost interest in Blackberries. This device is really great but a lot of persons don’t really see that. I on the other hand loved my Z10 because it gives me the best of both worlds. When it comes to business, email and instant messaging, blackberry is known for that plus I have all the apps I need. If you own a Blackberry Z10, I have some great news for you. Today the leaked version of the Blackberry 10 OS 10.2.1055 has been released for all Blackberry 10 devices. Meanwhile a average user wouldn’t go about loading leak OS’s on there device but this process is quiet simple and trust me you will love the benefits. What if I told you that you could just download any android app and install it on your phone hassle free? Got your attention didn’t I. With past leak versions of the OS you had to go through a number of processes of converting apps to work but now it’s as easy as downloading the apk and installing it on your phone. You can even download a appstore to get android apps directly on your phone.


If you are new to loading leak OS to your device I would recommend checking out Crackberry for more info although it is as easy as downloading the auto-loader, run it, plug in your phone and watch the magic happen. There is a few things to know before loading the OS. It’s always recommended to back up all your info before loading the Os to your phone, make sure you download the correct auto-loader for your phone and that your battery is at least 50%.

If you are interested in loading the new leak to your device, please click here for download links and more info.

blackberry 10

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